Our Goal

TAPS ACROSS ROSEMOUNT is a tribute to those fallen service members that Memorial Day honors. 


TAPS ACROSS ROSEMOUNT is also a way to invite local residents to meet each other in a neighborhood park or other location in Rosemount.  This is a community building event similar to other community events such as Leprechaun Days, Grand Day Parade, Haunted Trail and Spring Egg Hunt, except that this event is shorter at only one minute in length.  


PLAY TAPS on any musical instrument or play on your cell phone.  Try to have a  neighborhood gathering to honor fallen veterans and play taps at 3 PM.

Inspired by

Taps Across America

Taps Across America began sponsoring Taps on Memorial Day as a tribute in 2015 and began national promotion in 2020.

National Moment of Remembrance

Established in 2000 as a way to commemorate our fallen heroes through a 1 minute moment of silence.

Taps for Veterans

Taps for Veterans provides opportunities for buglers or trumpet players to sound Taps for military veteran’s funerals and ceremonies.

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