TAPS Across Rosemount

Reflect and Remember our Heroes

Play Taps Anywhere!

Memorial Day at 3 pm

Only 1 minute of time

This community event is for everyone!  The goal is to have as many people as possible play taps at the same time on Memorial Day to honor the service of our veterans.

Use your voice, a musical instrument or even your phone to play taps. Play at home or public spaces such as city hall, veterans memorials, city hall, parks, national guard armories, and cemeteries.

Participation Is Super Easy

Step 1:
Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendar for 3 pm on Memorial Day. The goal is to have everyone playing Taps at the same time.


Step 2:
Decide on a Location

Determine a location that works for you. Will it be at your house or at a public spot?

Step 3:
Invite Your Friends

Spread the word. Ask your family, neighbors and friends to join you.

Ways to Play Taps

For a copy of sheet music from Music for Music Teachers,  click here.

Doesn’t have to be a trumpet or a bugle.  A kazoo would work!

Play this YouTube video or this audio file or find your own.

Video of Taps

Play Video

Audio of Taps

Where Will You Play?